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This is the beginning of a interesting take on the origins of vampires and it's one I urge all fans of the genre to pick up and discover for themselves. Goodbye to such dark fantasy themes such as Peter Pan and a severely twisted rendition of Winnie the Pooh. Golden has put away his boyhood playthings and materialized with a whole new set of toys. The plot was refreshingly original and captivating. Taking into account all that has been written on vampires from the dawn of the written word, Golden puts it right up to your face and then throws it out the window.

The story combines mythology; religion, politics and plain old human nature to further enlighten and complicate this epic. The pace in the story is tantalizing. Pulling you in immediately with the first page, it pushes you to a hurried anticipation only to twist— slow down, and then speed up again.

The atmosphere in the book is quite simply mystifying. The mood switched between an air of madness and the sweat of the persecuted. Though the story is weighed down with a heavy element, it never feels burdensome. Without a trace of overly complex theories and only a handful of big words, the author keeps it simple without sounding condescending. It is only as the story unfolds that you begin to see the people behind the mask and it is then that the fear sets in. With each having their own identities, personalities and past traumas, Golden gives his characters what most dream of doing- substance.

Rush out and buy this book, this series new today! I was so happy to see Christopher Golden's Shadow Saga getting re-released in new editions with an emphasis on urban fantasy, and a new volume on the way. This is my favorite vampire novel, right alongside with "The Vampire Lestat. Plus, I like when vampires are not all evil - it's more fun when their motives are just as murky as a human's.

Peter Octavian is a private inv I was so happy to see Christopher Golden's Shadow Saga getting re-released in new editions with an emphasis on urban fantasy, and a new volume on the way. Peter Octavian is a private investigator, and a vampire. The Catholic Church has been on a secret crusade for centuries to harness or destroy all paranormal creatures - including vampires. When a priest gets hold of a book of shadows that could shift the balance of power, Octavian must intervene. The character development here is strong especially when well-known historical figures turn up as vamps , the world-building is detailed and Golden is exceptional at taking common vampire myths and making them fresh again.

His explanation of why holy water burns, and vampires can turn into bats, made me laugh out loud at his cleverness and sheer audacity. I felt myself drawn in like never before.

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Apr 29, Jan rated it really liked it Shelves: Peter Octavian is a PI in Boston. He is also a vampire who is trying to live as much as a human as possible. He is separated for the vampire community but when a series of obviously supernatural killings come to his attention, he is determined to find the cause. Soon it is up to him to rescue a demonic book from an evil branch of the Catholic church, destroy the magicians who control it, and stop a vampire apocalypse. I enjoyed this book even though it was bloodier than I usually like.

The bloodiness was not in the entire book so there were breaks. It took a bit to get some of the concepts in this world, the church is basically controlling all the evil beings in the world, except vampires. The characters in the book are pretty irresistable though. Peter Octavian is very compelling. I am curious to see where this story is going. I can't believe that I only learned about it recently. View all 3 comments. May 28, Claire Flower rated it liked it. I have really mixed feelings about this book. It took quite a while to really draw me but contained a lot of genres I usually enjoy.

I liked the main character and even the romance that took place didn't seem too fanciful as with a lot of other vampire novels. I liked the historical elements and the involvement of the church. Not wanting to give spoilers but I thought the explainations for they myths around vampires, well thought out However the last few pages and especially the epilogue ju I have really mixed feelings about this book.

However the last few pages and especially the epilogue just didn't feel right to me. I had to go back and re-read it and I hadn't realised a character had died.

It built up and then, there was so little response from the other characters I didn't register it. And then putting two female characters together in the last bit and describing their sexual encounter just seemed like lazy writing. Jun 02, Manda rated it liked it Shelves: Not bad at all.

There are some very wel rounded characters and also some that nearly make your skin crawl with their wickedness. Fabulous creative ideas regarding the mythology of the "Defiant Ones" and their powers that stem directly from moves made by the Catholic Church. The biggest complaint that I found with the novel was that it took a long while to Get.

Once I hit the half way mark though, it was pretty easy sailing. I will be checking out the next novel in the series I'm interested to see what the "big revelation" will bring about. Apr 11, Stephen rated it it was amazing. Another fine read by Christopher Golden. A thrill ride into the secrets of the Vatican and the society hidden within.

The shady priests involved with murder and mayhem, in their search and destruction of vampires known as the Defiant Ones. Delving into history of this group and the Vaticans obscure society of sorcerers, bent on retrieving an historical The Book of Shadows. Containing super spells to inflict upon the Defiant Ones. This is the first of a series in The Shadow Saga. Highly recommend Another fine read by Christopher Golden. Highly recommended stories as are all Christopher Goldens books.

He weaves tales of magic. Sep 12, Dawn rated it did not like it Shelves: The story of Peter Octavian starts out well enough; a Boston private detective who happens to be a vampire looks into the case of a missing woman quickly learning that her disappearance is linked to a series of strange murders. These murders somehow lead to a secret magical sect in the Church, a feud between vampire clans, an impending war among supernatural beings, and the most unrealistic love story ever.

The novel suffers from not knowing what it wants to be: Jul 25, Alex Telander rated it really liked it. Featuring the vampire hero Peter Octavian, they are now being re-released. Vampires have been scorned by the Catholic church for centuries, and are referred to as the Defiant Ones, an abomination under the sight of God, so there are those within the church who do all they can to kill and eradicate the blood-suckers, even if it means using powerful, magical abilities that seem like a form a heresy.

There is a book of the undead, the Gospel of Shadows, that holds the answers to wiping all of the them out once and for all. The book has been missing for some time, but has recently been discovered. Now the church is looking to get a hold of it and carry out a mission it has longed to complete for a very long time. Those powers help him solve the cases, though he tends to pretty much just work at night.

He has separated and distanced himself from his vampire coven for some very specific reasons, but as a new case is brought to his attention, he realizes it has far-reaching ramifications. He must make some big decisions and consider the costs. Of Saints and Shadows is a vampire story that has a very different feel to it. Magic is also alive and well and those who can wield it can carry out some impressive feats.

For more reviews, check out the BookBanter site. Mar 26, Kyra Dune rated it liked it.

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If you enjoy paranormal crime novels, this one hits all the right beats off the bat. There's the broody vampire private eye working to atone for his dark past, the feisty human love interest, the gruff old police detective, and a string of bizarre murders. You may think you're reading a typical example of the genre, but things take a swing as you delve deeper into the book, and the reason behind the murders is revealed. I found the plot was unexpected, and I was bit torn trying to root for eithe If you enjoy paranormal crime novels, this one hits all the right beats off the bat. I found the plot was unexpected, and I was bit torn trying to root for either side of the ensuing conflict, considering most everyone involved was insane, a murder, or both.

The characters were varied and interesting enough, but I never formed much of a bond with any of them.

Waking Nightmares eBook by Christopher Golden | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster AU

My favorite was definitely Cody, who sadly didn't have a front seat role in the story. Pity, I think I'd have liked him in the lead better than Peter, but then I've never been into that whole 'dark and broody' kind of thing. This novel is extremely graphic, with gruesome deaths and a few disturbing sex scenes.

I don't recommend the book if either bothers. I could have certainly done without them myself. I enjoyed the book well enough to finish it, and the last five or six chapters were pretty good. Mar 19, SJ Hartland rated it really liked it. Golden's best-selling Shadow Saga vampire stories were originally released in the s and were hard to get hold of until they were recently repackaged and re-released.

The first in the series is Of Saints and Shadows. In Of Saints and Shadows, Golden combines action, horror, gore, romance, sex and history in a tale about a secret sect of the Catholic Church which has been destroying vampires for centuries, with the help of an ancient book called The Gospel of Shadows.

When the book is stolen, Go Golden's best-selling Shadow Saga vampire stories were originally released in the s and were hard to get hold of until they were recently repackaged and re-released. The characters in Of Saints and Shadows are demonic and vicious but at the same time courageous and multi-faceted. Nov 07, Tom rated it it was ok. I enjoyed Tin Men by christopher golden so I thought I'd seek out more of his books.

This guy is maybe the most prolific author I've ever run across. Seriously, look at all the books he's written over works on GoodReads! He's very skilled and I really enjoy the way he describes even the most mundane things Unfortunately, I didn't like the vibe of this book. Golden takes great strides to paint the vamps as heroes we should be rooting I enjoyed Tin Men by christopher golden so I thought I'd seek out more of his books.

Golden takes great strides to paint the vamps as heroes we should be rooting for And graphic sex scenes I'm not against that, but I'd prefer story over sex. A few of my best pals got murdered too Boom chicka wow wow" Along those lines, sorry, but I just can't ever believe anyone "getting off" on having their neck chewed open, all vampire sex appeal aside. Finally, I can't imagine the Catholic Church hasn't rallied against this book maybe they have? I enjoyed this book for the most part. I did have a problem with the main villain and his followers just in so much as he was a bit too much of the mustache twirling serial killer style of villain for my personal taste.

I don't h I enjoyed this book for the most part. I don't have a problem with evil for the sake of evil or evil masquerading as good but there was just something about this character that didn't strike quite the right balance for me on any of those scores. I understand that he is supposed to be insane and his followers zealots but they seemed just too crazy to have been as hidden in plain sight as they were all the time they supposedly were. Its a small quibble though as I did enjoy it and will probably read the next one at some point.

Jul 10, Karenb rated it liked it Shelves: I have many other potentially better books on my list to be read. But others may find it more fun than I did so to each his own. This book is filled with excitement and adventure. It is the Vatican versus the vampires. Who are truly the evil ones? Mar 01, C.

With True Blood author Charlaine Harris and Otherworld author, Kelley Armstrong both endorsing the novel, there was really some expectation for this novel to be good. And it really is and kicks butt. But alas the story was only meant to be read. But that was enough to make a Buffy fan like me take notice of Christopher Golden and his ease and familiarity with the supernatural.

Luckily, I was able to get Book 2 at a Book Sale some years back and finally last year, the book that preceded and started the series, entitled, Of Saints and Shadows. The whole novel apart from incorporating some canon information on Vampire lore that most people knew also included some massive reworking of that very same system into the heart of the novel itself. How could it not be when it involved seemingly indiscriminate killings of humans, with their corpses strewn around the crime scene and links to the Catholic Church.

These same killings also coincide with the death of some prominent Vampires in their closed society as they are brutally hunted down by men of the cloth. These truths consisted of misinformation and a form of brainwashing; for Vampires can actually withstand the rays of the sun, can change into any form at will and like Peter proved at a later part in the book, can in fact, enter the Catholic Church and not be barred from it.

Peter is no doubt the one who rallies his kind together in the hopes of exposing the lies that the Vatican has been spreading and hopefully inform as much he can of their kind; that all was lie. That the path for self discovery begins now. My idol, author Anne Rice has always said that her Vampire books are about the mentality and the metaphor of a Vampire which represents the outsider. Peter Octavian for the most although acts alongside humans and suppresses his Vampiric nature.

The fact that he has been cut off from his original Coven of the Defiant Ones as the Church calls them , and his secrecy at keeping his true nature at bay to most humans save his blood supplier a new found woman, he proves to be the ideal Outsider in this story. The other outsiders are the antagonists, consisting of Father Liam Mulkerrin, a Vatican Sorcerer after an old tome hidden in the vaults of the Vatican, called The Gospel of Shadows. The book itself is a prize to the Church but a truth revealer if in the hands of a Vampire.

But after reading this, I can contend myself in the fact that I would have to scour the many boxes of books I have in storage for the second book called Angel Souls and Devil Hearts and start looking for the subsequent books in the series of which Book 3 called Of Masques and Martyrs was released last December and Book 4 The Gathering Dark and Book 5 Waking Nightmares will be released subsequently in February and April of Jan 15, Catherine rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Fans of history and fictionalised religion.

I actually thought this was a pretty good book. I think that having so many characters was actually good for the novel. Though many of them were gone or dead by the end of the novel, I thought it provided me the chance to see the plot from all sorts of opinions and sides of the war. Even the chance of seeing the events from very minor or "everyday" people was beneficial to the novel because it gave me the chance to see what sort of opinion they might hold about the other characters. There weren't I actually thought this was a pretty good book.

There weren't any characters I particularly hated.

you've read game of thrones, now read this

Though there were a few I sort of disliked, basically for things they did against all common sense. The reporter, Tracy, for example. I just thought her actions were completely stupid; going to a vampire party in the first place, despite being warned by all sorts of characters, was just stupid on her part. Then, despite the awful things that had happened to her during her first visit, she decides to go back to have her story told on international television.

It all worked out fine for her, but it was a completely stupid thing to do and really made me feel embarrassed for her intelligence, despite that the author was trying to make her seem somewhat smart and ambitious. I particularly liked the character of The Bookshop. I believe his name was Joe? I just found that his character was somewhat intelligent that he was different from so many other characters I've read in books. Despite being a background character, he was my favourite. The way the plot jumped around, though a little bit confusing at times, was also beneficial to the novel, I feel.

It seemed that we got more of a view of the events at each moment and to see what kind of things each character are doing. I kind of felt that some were a little irrelevant, though, and sort of wished that the story with the reporter were not in the story at all as it really distracted from the actual important bits. I just found that it was sort of vague. Though, those aspects will probably be continued in the next novel.

I feel that 4 stars is a good rating for this novel. It's a great book, though it's not perfect.

Waking Nightmares: you've read game of thrones, now read - download pdf or read online

I'm considering reading the next book, though this one was very long and I might wait until I have a little more time during the year. Apr 03, A. Peter Octavian is a creature of the night, but he's one of the good guys. He's an investigator, and he's on a case for a friend, to find a missing young lady. Of Saints and Shadows, by Christopher Golden, goes not only into a crime drama, but how vampires go against the church.

When a book is stolen from the Vatican, a mission is set into place. The mission places, through the church's clandestine army, a death sentence on all vampires. Unfortunately, with a particular killer, Liam Mulkerrin, on the job, there's more than just vampires at stake. It's up to the kind and humanitarian side of Octavian to set things straight, and bring an end to the mystery.

Of Saints and Shadows is an amazing book, though its basic premise is the same as most vamp tales. What makes the novel original, is Peter Octavian. He seems to still hold to his humanity, though he's not been one for hundreds of years. He's a gentle man, looking only to punish those who deserve it- but not through his animal nature, but the law. Until a special legion of sorcerers step into the picture. Golden found a way to keep the story in realms of both the real world and the paranormal.

This book fits into the thriller genre, while bringing those things that go bump in the night to the surface. The narrator, John Lee, made this happen, just as much as the author who wrote it, with his cryptic reading style and perfect voice. The graphic imagery, the history, combined with the reality of the church and protection of the faith made Of Saints and Shadows an excellent vampire read.

Check it out, while I move on to the next read! Sep 12, Nina rated it it was amazing. Reread this book for the umpteenth time. I can never get tired of it. The description of the monsters that appear in this are enough to make you imagine exactly what they look like, in vivid imagery. The scenes in which some of the murders took place, honestly, I learned this time around reading, ARE my favorite parts.

Where others think there's just too much sex? And frankly, aren't as detailed as let's see If Reread this book for the umpteenth time. If you want sex, then go read a Charlaine Harris book. I think the only bit of sex that really was relevant in a miniscule way, was when one of the main characters got turned. And the only justification behind that, is the fact vampire bites during sex and the closeness of turning someone you love into what you are, not someone you're forcefully turning is supposed to be an extremely intimate act. Where the writing is concerned, I've read worse. Where some of the characters fell flat in the role they play in the book Sheng and others not supported as well as they should have George and Nueva everyone else was perfectly written.

Meaghan was overbearing at times, especially going into b-tch mode at the wrong times, but I would rather deal with her than SookieStackhouse anyday. And frankly Bella on Twilight. If you think THIS is horribly written, please, yeah stick to your sexually frustrated teenage drama young adult novels in the children section then. I couldn't force myself to finish the first chapter. The concepts introduced in this book were interesting to say the least.

Sunlight without so much as dying? At least these aren't your sparkling angsty vampires. The Dark Pages - the home of crooks and villains, mobsters and terrorists, spies and private eyes. See More New Releases. When chaos erupts in the small coastal town of Hawthorne, Massachusetts, former vampire-turned-mage Peter Octavian and earthwitch Keomany Shaw arrive to investigate.

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  5. Years ago, Octavian helped expose the secret existence of vampires to the world, dismantling the Vatican's sorcery corps in order to save his fellow shadows from destruction. But without the Vatican sorcerers, the magical barriers they spent centuries constructing to keep the forces of darkness out of our world are beginning to fail, and things are slipping through. Now an ancient god of chaos is awakening in Hawthorne, its influence spreading If he can't stop it, the blood of all human kind will be on his hands.

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    By Christopher Golden and Nancy Holder. Out of the Madhouse. See more by Christopher Golden. Photograph by Jacqueline Semrau.