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Ich, du, wir und die anderen - Spannendes aus der Sozialpsychologie. Explaining Policy Position Choice of Europarties: The Effect of Legislative Resources. Ideological Congruency and Decision-Making Speed: Lobbying as a Collective Enterprise: Lobbying in the European Union: Opening the Black Box: Sex, Cheating and Disgust: Richness of Encoding or Interactive Imagery?

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A Matter of Convenience: An Empirical Analysis of Austria — Gender Differences in Residential Mobility: Die Blutspur des Vetoes: Eine Prognose zur Gefahr von externen Massakern in Syrien. Deliberation versus Automaticity in Decision Making: Integrating Qualitative and Quantitative Data: Policy Paper Writing in the Classroom. Waubert de Puiseau, B. Two Sides of One Coin: Policy Congruence and Style of Representation: Party Voters and Political Parties.

Kevin Farnsworth and Zoe Irving: A State of the Art Literature Review. How Robust are Compliance Findings? A Puzzling Result for Revelation-effect Theories. On the Flexibility of Social Source Memory: A Test of the Emotional Incongruity Hypothesis. Judicial Power and Strategic Communication in Mexico.

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Processing Differences Between Descriptions and Experiences: A Matter of Time: Explaining Framing Effects in Judgements of Truth. Personality, Punishment and Public Goods: A Missing Brunswik Link? Resolving Controversy in the European Union: Legislative Decision-making before and after Enlargement. Die Macht der Informationen: The Effect Of Organizational Characteristics.

A Multinomial Processing Tree Analysis. Dropping the Unitary Actor Assumption: How Far Do Children Move? Spatial Distances after Leaving the Parental Home. Minority Views of Competition: Spracheinstellungen aus sozialpsychologischer Perspektive I: Deutsch und Fremdsprachen [Language attitudes from a social psychological perspective: German and foreign languages]. The Politics of Party Funding: Praktische Anwendungsbeispiele zum Umgang mit den pairfam-Daten. Fluent, Fast and Frugal?

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Die intergenerationale Transmission von hochkulturellen Lebensstilen unter Migrationsbedingungen. Cognitive Processes in Procedural Justice Judgments. How to Regulate Emotion? Neural Networks for Reappraisal and Distraction. Environmental Literacy in Science and Society: From Knowledge to Decision: Is Forcing Them Worth the Effort? The impact of network type on monetary returns and job adequacy. Looking inside the Service Class. The Contextual Nature of Lobbying: Explaining Lobbying Success in the European Union. The Role of Contagion. Defection in the Dark?

Das Politikangebot deutscher Parteien bei den Bundestagswahlen seit im dimensionsweisen Vergleich: Gesamtskala und politikfeldspezifische Skalen.

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Auf dem Weg zum Mehrebenenparlamentarismus? Die Transmission von Gewalt im empirischen Theorienvergleich. Altruism at the Ballots: Predicting Political Attitudes and Behavior. The Role of Mood-Based Expectancies. Policy Performance and Satisfaction with Democracy. Analysing the Expert Judgment of a Rehabilitation Counsellor: One-Reason Decision Making Unveiled: A Measurement Model of the Recognition Heuristic.

Precise Models Deserve Precise Measures: Eine sozialpsychologische Perspektive In: Die Interaktion von Interviewergeschlecht und Befragtenmerkmalen in Telefoninterviews. Europeanization of Lobbying Activities: Bildungsniveau und Zugang zu Gesundheitsleistungen. Healthcare Systems in Europe: Towards an Incorporation of Patient Access.

Moderne Gesundheitssysteme zwischen Ergebnis- und Chancengleichheit: Ein Vergleich der aktuellen gesundheitspolitischen Entwicklung in Deutschland, Frankreich, und England. Parents' Education and Children's Achievement: The Role of Personality. Attitudes of the Selfless: Explaining Political Orientation with Altruism. Does Marriage Pay More than Cohabitation? Frankreich und der EU-Verfassungsvertrag: A Comparison between Italy and Sweden. A Moderator of Using the Recognition Heuristic? Negativity Bias in Judgments of Truth.

This is a breathtaking book from one of our brightest literary lights" Smith's debut novel, Glaciers, was an indie sensation, and here we feature an excerpt from her follow-up, Marrow Island. We're also happy to welcome new-to-us poets Anna Journey and Sam Riviere. To all of our readers, who have carried us and continue to carry us in your backpacks and handbags, on planes, trains, and buses, we are so grateful. No flies, no folly by Josh Weil Book 1 edition published in in English and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide.

A good place for quiet by Josh Weil 1 edition published in in English and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide. And why are we happy to keep pushing that boulder up the literary hill when we know that it is just going to roll back down and we're going to have to start all over again? Because putting out issue after issue truly does make us happy. We believe that great writing is as essential to our well-being as bread and wine and a roaring fire.

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The Laws of Community. A "Move of God" needs to be safe by means of a beginning within the neighborhood church, and the neighborhood church is to be safe by means of the legislation of neighborhood. Michael Knight has studied extraordinary church buildings for over thirty-three years. So, What's Your Point?: Realigning Our Story with the Only. What has occurred to our tradition? Now we act as if there aren't any solutions. We ponder whether we will understand something in any respect, no matter if a person will let us know the reality.