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By working with children they aim to raise levels of respect, acceptance and opportunity to create safer, more inclusive classrooms for everyone.

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It intends to encourage children to become personally, emotionally and socially effective and to be confident in their relationships with the disabled. It also helps to them develop a greater understanding of their place in the community and of its interdependent nature. All school sessions have a strong focus on tackling the issues surrounding bullying. Ongoing support and mentoring can be provided where required.

Disability Awareness and Inclusion: 20 Ways to Teach Non-Disabled Kids about their Disabled Peers.

The programme is designed to support PE teachers in mainstream schools to include young disabled people within the PE curriculum. Resources for Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales, please click here. You can also contact AK4A efds. The charity Contact a Family have written some useful leaflets to help support and encourage family members with a disabled child.

Sibling Reaction to a Disability

This is split into three sections which you can view using these links: Young Kids , Juniors , or Teens. Understanding and dealing with emotions, relationships and sex. You can read the PDF guide here. They can also be used in KS2 classes. Topics covered include how to discuss disability, representations of disabled people in stories and steriotypes.

Kindergarten Children's Understanding of and Attitudes Toward People With Disabilities

Instead, practicing resiliency, identification, and appreciation of special strengths and ways to compensate are essential. Turning to support groups for help and advice may make this process less difficult. I have spent my entire adult career understanding neuropsychological and psychological principles. But, though it may be painful for them, ongoing education and therapy can be remarkably helpful.

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She preschool director then shared with me a book she found in their library that they are going to use, and the whole thing inspired this post. Note, this is about teaching inclusion and teaching acceptance and tolerance. This is not teaching strategies for an inclusive classroom.

This is to answer questions that kids may have about other kids who are different. So here you go, I combed the web and found many printables and downloads and websites for you to use. I did not create any of these, merely sharing them. My favorite was the one from Teaching Tolerance.