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Much to my surprise and delight, he replied almost immediately. We ended up dialouging back and forth several times. I soon began to appreciate him as not only a talented author, but also as an intelligent, gracious and witty character. I highly recommend his e-mail newsletter.

Finally, if you haven't read the jet series, get them. I can't wait for the soon to be released Jet IV. Fatal Exchange is yet another great page-turning, turbo-charged thriller by Russell Blake.

REVIEW: Fatal Exchange by Lisa Harris

Here are some of the diverse plot components dreamed up by Blake: How do they get connected? They are put into the Russell Blake thriller-generator and chapter by chapter the plot evolves and connects.

Fatal Exchange A Novel Southern Crimes Volume 2

Blake once again shows his skills in writing a satisfying thriller. Some parts are a bit gruesome but that's what you expect in this kind of thriller. It is not the same. It was harder to read mind you, almost anything would be harder to read than JET - but especially the first fifty or sixty pages, and this because of the multiple changes of viewpoint.

I hate that at the beginning of a story. You get a few pages of one character and setting, then are switched abruptly to another, then - when you could still remember the first - to a third, then a fourth - and when you do finally get back to the first - or was it the second? Not easy to do with a Kindle. I always give up at that point. I didn't in this case, but only because he is a favourite author of mine and I was still hoping I won't say it got better.

And there were two totally different stories going on, two separate sets of murders and murderers, quite apart from the continuing multiple viewpoints. But after a while two viewpoints began to stand out from the rest. Teresa Tess , who turns out to be the link between the the two sets of murders - she is to be the next victim in both! Of course, I identified with Tess, and that's how I came to finish the book. And to have downloaded the sequel, Fatal Deception. You can't keep a good author down.

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I can't believe I said that. I know several good authors who have been kept down. Anyway, you can't keep this particular good author, Russell Blake, down, that's for sure. One person found this helpful.

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In true Russell Blake fashion, this book was awesome. The story line was well thought out and it played out incredibly suspenseful. I loved the characters. There was quite a mix of personalities. Tess is just fighting to get through the 'finding herself' faze and she ends up with a hell of a nightmare. I love that she's strong, independent and full of life.

Ron was a hell of a detective. He's like a dog with a bone when he gets a case, he doesn't let go until he is sure it's right. I loved how the story played out and a lot was going on. Between the serial killer and an unfortunate blunder that cost many to lose their lives, it made for a great read.

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I can't wait to read more of the 'Fatal Series'. A must add to your tbr list.

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Published 6 months ago. Published 7 months ago. Emily never wanted to be a cop like her family, she likes her relatively quiet and satisfying job. Will she be able to handle it? Murder, hostage situations, kidnappings, and more are all included in this thrilling suspense novel. I was immediately caught up in the story so even though I never read a series out of order, I had to make an exception for this one. Fatal Exchange is one of my new favorites.

Fatal Exchange, Southern Crimes Series #2

This book has it all—great characters to whom you can relate, nail-biting suspense, intense shockers, fast-paced action, and a blooming romance! Emily was kind, compassionate, empathetic, brave, and all around a great character. Mason was sweet, caring, tough, and endearing. I could not put this book down. The characters had to deal with tragedy, fear, betrayal, forgiveness, and intense situations but they stayed so strong in their faith. I am very excited to read Dangerous Passages and more from the author Lisa Harris. The one complaint I have is that I have to wait until Spring to see what happens next with the Hunt family!

Sam Holland said as she stood in the doorway to the Fraternal Order of Police Hall and surveyed the scene before her. Celia and her friends went freaking nuts with the hearts and flowers. However, she was drawing the line at hearts and flowers. She had a reputation to uphold. Celia is so excited. She needed a drink, and she needed it now.

Fatal Exchange (Fatal #1) by Russell Blake

How could Sam begrudge the woman who had married her paralyzed father the reception of her dreams? Her own wedding, Sam vowed silently, would be as low-key as she could possibly make it. In fact, eloping was starting to look really good to her. They endured the speeches and the toasts and smiled for no fewer than a thousand photographs.

The ultimate insult, however, still awaited them. Angela scowled at her. Besides, being pressed against his muscular chest was one of her favorite places to be, so she may as well enjoy this obligatory moment. At six foot four, he was one of the few people in her life who towered over her. Those broad shoulders, the chocolate brown hair that curled at the ends, amazing hazel eyes, smooth olive-toned skin…Sam had never known a sexier guy.

And that mouth, whoa. Sam smiled at his softly spoken words.