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She was married to my grandfather for 67 years and survived him by a further 7 years. The lyrics sum up their life together. This song will from now on always remind me of them. Then I heard one that topped it Of course, only John Denver could top John Denver.

This is John Denvers best song. I love it so much.

Especially because we use it as a fan song for my favourite football team - Viborg FF. Anne Miller I love this song and nothing can make me feel more moved than the soul filling melody. Jury Livorati, Italy John Denver's music can improve everyone's life: Please play more John Denver songs. Peter - Essex A great song by a great songwriter. It's well worth digging into JD's stuff - you will find some real gems and the best is Looking For Space from the Windsong album.

Rosemary Campbell, Tebay, Cumbria Yes Annie's song was excellent but John had a wonderful gift of incorporating into his songs many aspects of life. Not just the happy ones he wrote but ones like "Perhaps Love" after the loss of his father and the expressions of love and care received from his fans turned his depression around and he wrote the song as a result.

Annie Krivit "A Love Like You"

Yet on the other hand he highlighted the problems of our world in "I want to live" about starvation, the profoundly moving song about the cemetery in Leningrad as it was called and the song he wrote in honour of those who lost their lives in the Space shuttle "They were flying for me". Ireland James Galway first brought this song to my attention and then I decided to delve more into John's Work.

A fantastic artist who is still dearly missed. Annie's song is beautiful but I still believe For You , to be a great love song. It's always seemed to me that this is one of the most eloquent expressions of love out there.

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It's absolutly worth digging a bit in his music. But Annie's Song drew my attention to this wonderful artist. Hans, Germany His laments on not being covered sufficiently shows just what an ignorant Mr. Still, they do exist. I hope we will al take time to let this all Sink in and let the seeds of conversion, healing, and hope continue to blossom.

(Annie Lennox)

There is so much to be learned from this amazing couple. I pray we will all stay with them through the future months and years in prayer and deed.

You both are such a gift. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

Doesn't Anybody Love Like That Anymore, a song by Annie Sims on Spotify

What is it about Paul? I think I will be unpacking the many things I have learned from Paul and his beautiful wife for years to come, but the one thing that has struck me the most at this place in my life is how they live IN THE MOMENT… We miss out on so much precious time and the blessing before us when we worry about tomorrow, and in worrying about what we cannot control. Some of the Brothers with Annie.

Wives of the Brothers.

#Live Like Paul #Love Like Annie

Facebook Twitter Google Pinterest Email. Four years later, an instrumental version also became flutist James Galway 's only major British hit. Denver "wrote this song in July in about ten-and-a-half minutes one day on a ski lift " to the top of Ajax Mountain in Aspen, Colorado , as the physical exhilaration of having "just skied down a very difficult run" and the feeling of total immersion in the beauty of the colors and sounds that filled all senses inspired him to think about his wife.

He left to go skiing and he got on the Ajax chair on Aspen mountain and the song just came to him.

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He skied down and came home and wrote it down Initially it was a love song and it was given to me through him, and yet for him it became a bit like a prayer. To this day it gives me cold shivers and goosebumps. British musical theatre actor Daniel Boys covered the song on his debut album "So Close". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Back Home Again pp. New York City, NY: Ville Valo palkittiin vuoden musiikkivideosta". Archived from the original on 10 January Retrieved 10 January