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I didn't "like" her, but as a mother, I certainly sympathised with her, and her ending was so unexpected for the genre that it was satisfying food for thought. The "other woman" concept is handled so well. All the women in this book are "the other woman," to an extent, and eacxh has real flaws and motivations. You can see how a woman you know could fall into what is usually a reviled and pitied position. For me, there was a powerful punch beneath the wit and charade on display here. Best book I read last year the one I remember most clearly, certainly.

Mar 27, Paulette rated it it was ok. Just because it wasn't my cup of tea though, don't let it put you off trying it. You might like it more than me. I hadn't been sure if I had read the book when I picked it up out the long ago boxed up to move books. The spine was pristine, the blurb didn't ring bells. I soon remembered I had read it and even though I knew I had finished it before, I finished it again.

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It clearly didn't gel with me the first time either hence why I didn't initially recall whether I had read it. But being an authors dream reader once again, as I was recently described by an author friend I did the right thing and kept going to the end! May 15, Meagan Houle rated it it was ok. While I appreciate the message this book tries to convey, I found it okay at best. Thea is somewhat redeemable, but there's no hope for Luke, I'm afraid. As for Hannah, she's appallingly vicious and catty. I felt very little sympathy for any of these characters, and while this book did grab me in places, I was quite relieved to be finished with it.

I don' While I appreciate the message this book tries to convey, I found it okay at best. I don't recommend this, unless you're good at getting past horrible characterization. It does have a decent message if you're willing to slog through everything else. Jul 28, Gail rated it liked it Shelves: This book came from the swap shelf in a Brussels hotel and absolutely was the perfect book for an 8 hour plane ride.

Emmet Gowin, Lee Friedlander and Harry Callahan: "The Model Wife" () | #ASX

How original is that?? Aug 05, Debby Roberts rated it really liked it. This was a bit of a departure from my usual type of choice and it made a nice change. The story is compelling and I found myself reading on because I wanted to know how it turned out. None of the principal characters are particularly endearing, being as they are flawed and perhaps rather self absorbed but that made them more true to life although I'm not sure they were redeemed in any way by the end of the story.

Oct 25, Kay Townsend rated it it was amazing. Wasn't sure about this book up until halfway through, it was an OK read but in parts did find it confusing when it kept flicking backwards and forwards through characters. However, towards the second half it became a better read and seemed to flow a lot better. I did enjoy this book in the end and it went from a four star to a five star book in my mind as I finished it. Glad I didn't give up on it. Jan 15, Pam rated it really liked it.

Feb 21, Meghan Cooper rated it really liked it Recommends it for: I enjoyed this book a lot. I found the writting fresh and the story captivating. I did though think that sometimes the story lost speed and slowed down a lot. I found the characters easy to identify with and, the book was easy to read. It was funny in places and I liked the way all of the characters linked to one another in the end! I would say that this is an excellent story for any woman to read.

Jan 01, Kitvaria Sarene rated it really liked it Shelves: Also quite a long while since I read it - before my goodreads time obviously ; I really liked this story, but at some points the characters changed a bit too suddenly too feel completely "realistic", and therefore it felt a bit wooden. Dec 17, Bluberry rated it it was ok.

This book was not really a page turner for me, but I did feel I wanted to finish it, but was happy to read a little before going to bed each night. The characters were sad in their own ways, but at least the ending was feasible. Aug 13, Marcia rated it liked it Shelves: Bought August 10, in charity shop in Pimlico. Perfect read while taking 10 year old boys to London and Paris.

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It deserves a five star rating for mentioning Thorpe Park where I spent the day. The boys loved it. The model wife in the tile refers to Poppy. Sep 17, Deepti rated it did not like it. Pakka Ekta Kapoor serial material! Aug 11, Gemma Peters rated it it was ok. Jun 02, Lotta rated it liked it Shelves: Enjoyable, if you don't mind it going from bad to worse for a while.

Mar 15, Lynda rated it liked it. Great book for just dipping into ,a nice easy read! Mar 17, Tiina rated it it was ok. This was an easy read, just right for one who is suffering from flu which I was. Apr 03, Cristie Tredeau rated it it was amazing. Without giving anything away - the ending surprised me but that just means it wasn't predictable. I can add this one to my highly readable authors! Amy rated it it was ok Jan 22, Mithra Birdie rated it did not like it Aug 23, Mel Garraghan-Moore rated it really liked it Sep 20, Sandra Vazquez rated it it was ok May 17, Yasmine Nasr rated it it was amazing Nov 11, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Books by Julia Llewellyn. See All Goodreads Deals…. He has no interest in the symbolic or the metaphoric. He is a specifist. He prefers the time in between the decisive moments, the ungainly, accidental, casual, unmemorable instant; that which is far more common and real in all our lives.

Lee Friedlander is not a romantic. He is incompatible with sentimentality in art. It is interesting then, to look at his photographs of his wife Maria. He has photographed her for 40 years.

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Is this work free of nostalgia and romanticism, is it all just visual curiosity? Friedlander was born in in Aberdeen, Washington. His mother died when he was seven. His father felt unable to raise him and sent him to live with a farmer about miles south of Seattle, where he grew up. He met Maria de Paoli in He was twenty-three, she twenty-four.

She was a child of an Italian neighborhood in New York, surrounded by the tumult of family and community. Working at Sports Illustrated as an editorial assistant, she ran into the young Lee Friedlander who was trying to get assignments at the magazine. The images usually feature Maria as the dominant figure of a relatively simple scene. The frames tend not to be cluttered. They are intimate, participatory views. Lee Friedlander is cool, even diffident, but his warmth is showing at the center of his life. Maria is seen calmly, dignified, alert, and gently admired.

She often shows eye contact — she was given an instant to compose herself — in essence to create her own self-portrait. She is seen as a daughter, a cousin, a wife, a mother, a reader, a homemaker, a regular and companionable traveling partner. While rarely presented sexually, it is clear she is loved. The images are often sensual, and tactile references abound.

In one, her daughter brushes her hair. In another, Maria sleeps in the sun, shadows gently brushing her cheek in a cafe. His selection of daily observation reaches high poetry. Love looks different than simple curiosity. Tenderness and respect, no matter how alloyed with other complex emotions, are inconsistent with neutrality. The photographs of Maria Friedlander illustrate affection that is both apparent and considerable.

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She has been shown to be an attractive, intense, intelligent, and loved partner. No other person appears as often in his work and no other personality is as fully described. Harry Callahan was a complex man who seemed to be a simple man.

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His apparent simplicity was engendered by reticence and frail verbal skills. He explained himself plainly: I think these have all been very strong influences in my growing as a photographer. Modernist experimentation with materials and equipment are central to his art.

That Callahan applied this formal inquiry to an exploration of his private and vulnerable inner life made him nearly unique. Harry met Eleanor on a blind date in Three years later they were married. In , he began photographing, and joined a camera club for camaraderie and to broaden his understanding of the medium. He was well known to encourage his students to turn their cameras on their lives, and he led by example. Even as he did this he was not sentimental, romantic, or emotional. Harry illustrated the centrality of Eleanor in his life by his continual return to her over fifteen years as his prime subject — she is subject more than model — but the images are not about who she is, what she does, what she thinks as an individual.

Eleanor was essential to his art from to Harry photographed her everywhere — at home, in the city streets, in the landscape; alone, with their daughter, in black and white and in color, nude and clothed, distant and close. He tried every technical experiment — double and triple exposure, blurs, large camera and small. The attitude of respect and warmth permeates the endeavor.

In , their daughter Barbara was born, and even prior to her birth she showed up in pregnancy photographs. From to , Eleanor, and sometimes Barbara, are shown out in the landscape as a tiny counterpoint to large expanses of park, skyline, or water. No matter how small a part of the scene they are, they still dominate our perception.

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The Callahans found a way to nourish and sustain a mutual balance of sharing and productivity. He took pictures wherever we happened to be.