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In order to complete the application, you will need to be fingerprinted at your local police station. Once all of your documents are completed and sent to your employer and they receive confirmation of visa issuance, they will send it to you through the mail. When you receive the confirmation, you will need to either mail or deliver your passport to your local consulate in order to be stamped with your visa.

Once completed, your school will help you obtain a residency permit within 90 days. Only native English speakers are highly considered.

1. English schools contribute to classist education.

These courses are available online, but make sure they are approved by the program or school you are applying to. In public school, the pay tends to be more when you factor in the low amount of actual working hours. Public and private school will provide your housing. The apartments in Seoul tend to by the smallest but there is also much more to do in Seoul thus limiting the actual time spent in the apartment.

While hagwons used to always re-pay you for your flight by either giving you a stipend or converting the actual ticket cost, as competition gets tighter, they are providing this service less and less. Overall, the cost of living in South Korea is very cheap, but keep in mind that if you live in a bigger city, the cost can get a bit more expensive. Depending on how much you want to work and how frugal you are with your money, you can travel and save during your time in South Korea.

Upon discovering Korea for the first time, foreigners always seem baffled by the juxtaposition of a country so technologically advanced against the backdrop of a society with more traditional ways. Many equate social graces in South Korea to that of the United States during the 's.

At the same time, with wireless connection abound and state-of-the art technology in the classroom, the country is not lacking in modern day conveniences. This provides an interesting mix and a confused expatriate community trying to understand how it all coexists. And while there is so much to learn about Korean etiquette, it is essential to begin by understanding the importance of respecting your superiors and the Confucian principles that the society is founded on. Remember that Korea can be many things at once.

While you discover all the complexities of this fascinating culture, do so with respect. Nod your head in a slight bow to your superiors and show them you appreciate their help by bringing in doughnuts or coffee to your first day of work. There is always someone to go to with a complaint and going over that person can be viewed as disrespectful and may result in a bumpy beginning to your year. Because Eastern culture is so different than that of Western culture, there is so much to learn in terms of etiquette.

However, understanding the importance of respect will make the inevitable learning process fluid and fun. Guide Programs Articles Reviews. The various government-sponsored programs are listed below: End of February and end of August Hire before arriving Work hours: Minimum qualification for pay starting at two million Korean Wong. A currently valid elementary or secondary teachers certification. Minimum qualifications for pay starting at 2. End of February and end of March Hire before arriving Work hours: September for fall, or March for spring Monthly stipend: Universities Most people begin teaching at universities once they've taught in South Korea for at least a year and have made contacts.

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Private Lessons Under the conditions of your E-2 visa, you are not permitted to teach private lessons. Hagwons will usually hire anyone with a college degree. The minimum salary is typically higher, usually 2. Typical work hours begin in the afternoon, because these are after-school specialized English Institution.

Teach English in South Korea

The structured teaching schedule allows teachers to enjoy evenings and weekends off, giving teachers plenty of time to explore their surroundings. These jobs are ideal for people who are interested in teaching as a profession or those who want to gain international experience. Private Schools in Korea, also known as Hagwons, offer some of the most attractive employment packages for English teachers who want to teach abroad.

With flexible hours, competitive salaries, and benefits that include free flights and accommodations, hagwons are a popular option for teaching jobs in Korea. Private schools are businesses and as such, have longer working hours; for teachers, this means an opportunity for overtime.

Hagwon ESL jobs are ideal for candidates who are looking to save money and work in a structured environment. Teach Away offers jobs at some of the best private schools in Korea every month of the year.

Demand for online English education is exploding among students based in Korea. As a result, several English teaching companies catering specifically to Korean English language learners are seeking native English speaking applicants to fill a large number of online English teaching vacancies. Want to know how much money you can make teaching in Korea?

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  • Use our Teach Abroad Salary Calculator to find out! They are believed to be only traveling out of economic necessity. In a study conducted by Francis Collins at the University of Auckland, it was determined that western ESL teachers were just as driven by economic motives as foreigners from developing countries. In fact, most Western teachers cited high levels of student debt and unemployment as a main factor in choosing to teach ESL in Korea.

    People teach ESL in Korea for a variety of reasons. While taking a job for the financial incentive is not altogether a negative, foreign teachers must be prepared to work with some people who make it very clear that their passion for education is not the motivating factor behind their job. According to the World Values Survey , 1 in 3 Koreans would not want a neighbor of a different race.

    Advertisements for teaching positions on Facebook and Craigslist blatantly list being white as a requirement for the job. There is a persistent stereotype that white native speakers of English are more articulate and qualified than people of color.

    8 uncomfortable truths about teaching English in South Korea

    The racist hiring practices are perpetuated by the cultural custom of including a photograph on your resume and work applications. She was required to document his behavior daily and report his actions to his parents despite having no instances of developmentally-inappropriate behavior or disciplinary problems.

    Most foreign teachers in South Korea are on an E2 visa that is owned by their employer. Most contracts include housing for the teacher.