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Lust's Leading Lady"" returns with another erotic mixture--plenty of soft-core sex thinly veiled with romanticized historical detail--along the lines of Skye O'Malley and A Love for All Time. Blaze, the eldest of eight gorgeous daughters of the impoverished Lord Morgan, is betrothed to Edmund Wyndham, the Earl of Langford, who simply wants a fertile young wife to bear his heir.

He's pleasantly surprised, then, to discover that Blaze is also beautiful, kind, intelligent--and spunky enough to refuse to bed Edmund, a virtual stranger, until a thunderstorm drives her into his arms whereupon her hidden passionate nature emerges. Meanwhile her sisters, Bliss and Blythe, dowered and beautifully gowned by Edmund, soon marry his best friends; and the youngest sister, Delight, falls for the Earl's nephew, Anthony, whose fantasies, however, have centered around Blaze ever since that afternoon he chanced upon the randy newlyweds coupling in the stables and imagined ""what it would be like to plunge himself deep into Blaze's eager sweetness.

Henry--known for his liking for the ladies--of course overpowers Blue, who is later removed from the court and married to Anthony, the new Earl of Langford. Their love will be complicated only by a sinister plot hatched by sister Delight--still longing for Anthony--and by a lascivious French girl. Many years later, Blaze holds Henry Tudor's hand while Boleyn is executed, then departs for home where her five children wait, as does Anthony , the only woman to survive Henry's ardor.

Crass stuff, but satisfying in its way--and sure to attract the usual Small audience. There was a problem adding your email address. One of you in my ass, for my French and Italian lovers schooled me well in that particular perversion. The third in my little mouth, but do not be fooled for I am able to swallow the largest cock after I have tongued it to pleasure" Part of me wants to give this book a 1-star because it was pretty bad, even by Bertie standards.


But on the other hand, it was so bad that I'm kind of in awe. It's like one of those viral fail videos, where the fail itself is so perfectly executed that it almost, almost is an art onto itself. View all 17 comments. Unfortunately the title is misleading in its titular character blandness. This is a romance that needs the Harlequin Title Generator tm. I blame those pesky hormones.

The repetitious nothingness sucks. The baby obsession really sucks. How many times can you read about women having babies? And these same women emphasizing the need for boys boys boys to keep the primogeniture engine of England humming? Every pregnancy is greeted with nervous hopes or smug contentment that the sacred wombs carry an infant with a penis attached. It doesn't matter if Blaze is at her country estate mulling her own breeding state, those of her sisters, or Queen Catherine herself.

Fuck you and your dreams and your personality and your faith. Keep cranking them out, because that's your duty and what your lord wants. And if you can't, then GTFO. Now, this female-enabled patriarchal bullshit tends to normally be thick and deep in a Bertie Small book, but usually there is some cracktastic plot that offsets the pratings of these smug and satisfied walking gestation chambers.

Skye O'Malley rarely gets off the crazytrain adventure roller coaster. Other heroines of hers have the same globe-trotting shenanigans and formal or informal reigning powers that can Make Shit Happen. These chicks go places, see people, run up against mustache-twirling baddies and alien cultures, escape assassinations and order executions.

She gets married again. Her sisters get married. Another sister moons after her second husband. But eventually gets abducted and married. And no doubt pregnant within a fortnight.

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I bet she had a boy. It's one maudlin wallow in domesticity after another and nobody really goes anywhere. It's like the most mundane family-centric filler of every Regency series about siblings all crammed into one book. She thinks and feels nothing of substance. Her beauty is a mask for her barren character. She loves to have her way, and she makes both her wants and what she perceives to be her duty to be the same thing. And she wants a fucking medal for it. You can have a litter. She's pious and moralizing and insufferable. She holds herself up as a model of aristocratic womanhood and badgers everyone to act as she would act because her actions are right.

And everyone falls in line and can't stop themselves from singing her praises. Was this suffocating Sueishness without a point a sign of an author in search of a book with a looming deadline? Just take some concepts and bang away on them and call it a story?

The writing was certainly rushed and lazy in spots. The line "I loved you since the moment I first saw you" showed up more than once. At the end, Blaze mumbles the whole plot heretofore in her brain while in a delirium during a bout of sweating sickness. The only "interesting" thing that even smacked of Bertie's usual nutball plotting was the evil French slut natch Henriette who has a cabinet of poisons and wants to steal Blaze's man. But that pesky little plot thread is taken care of nearly as soon as it begins and the story goes back to Blaze trying to manipulate people into doing what she and Henry want because of loyalty and patriotism and shit.

The court drama could fill a thimble. We only hear about other people at court in the context of whether they want to bang her Thomas Seymour , send her away Anne Boleyn , or use her as a buffer between Hal and Boleyn Wolsey. That only takes a line or two, maybe a couple paragraphs at most, so the rest of the time can be spent on important shit like Blaze pondering that she's not getting pregnant by Henry because they're not really in love.

Since her adored and adoring husband knocked her up, her logic is flawless in Blaze's dusty cupboard of a brain. Why Blaze inspires such admiration and devotion is only through the grace of the author. She's really a colossal cow, a manipulative moo of the highest order. The bint has received some education, but knows practically nothing about her own country. The War of the Roses is an entirely new thing to her. But don't worry, Husband 1 is sure to inform her of important things like barren Joan of Valois's voluntary retirement into a convent so Louis XII can marry a fertile princess and save France with a male heir.

A factoid she whips out in her mooish brow-beating of Catherine of Aragon to do her duty by Henry and England and give poor, beleaguered Hal his divorce. The scene's Mary Sue cherry on top is that Catherine says if Henry was going to marry Blaze, who is modest and humble and good and kind and loyal and knows her bootlicking place , then she would totes step aside. Fuck Blaze, fuck her sisters, fuck all their doormat spouses, and fuck their children too. This was a buddy read. Her review might eventually be here.

Go harass her ass. View all 21 comments. I have one thing to say to you, Blaze Wyndham: View all 4 comments.

Remember ladies, your only worth is having babies and make sure they are sons. Blaze had the depth of a flat piece of paper. The best part of this book was the violet purple prose sex scenes. I had so many laughs. The smut was the only thing that kept me reading.

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Bertie is not afraid to go over-the-top, and I applaud her for that. His excitement finally overcoming his control, the earl poured a libation of his love into his wife's golden cup.

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Also King Henry called his penis, Big Boy. This will be my first Bertie. I don't know if I should be scared or excited. I have a feeling there is gonna be a lot of this: I wonder if they have a Bertie drinking game? I shall investigate and report back. D I've been watching a lot of Beavis and Butthead lately, because they increase my self-esteem.

P After I finish my current bubble bath book Crown of Passion , this one is next in line. I couldn't find specific Bertie drinking games or historical drinking games, but I found two contemporary ones. I should make a Bertie one tho. Drinking game one and two Honestly, if your google-fu is better than mine, let me know of anything you found. View all 9 comments.

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Sep 05, Carolyn F. When this book started out, I thought, "Oh great, a book about a perfect family, marrying their perfect husbands and living happily ever after. The book ended up being really good and I enjoyed reading it. This was an easy read.

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The beginning was like cotton candy, it was so sugary sweet, it was making me sick. In addition, it wasn't believable. Blaze, a 15 year old virgin becomes this little horny sex goddess after one night of love making, yeah right. The rest of the book- besides it jumping time periods at random places one minute she is announcing her pregnancy, the next she is like almost due to give birth , it wasn't bad.

Overall- read it, enjoyed it but nothing to think twice about. View all 7 comments. Nov 26, Naksed rated it really liked it Shelves: Bertrice Small puts the history in historical romance. She is at her best when writing about the English and Scottish Courts of the 16th and 15th century. Somehow her other novels set in Ancient Rome or other continents do not move me as much but that could simply be my personal preference since I grew up studying European history and I get a real kick from reading Small' s whimsical interpretation of real life historical figures.

The only reason I took off one star was because I di Magnificent. The only reason I took off one star was because I disliked one episode in this otherwise highly enjoyable saga that did not seem to fit in and abruptly broke the cohesiveness of the story. Over the top villains can be loads of fun but then, I expect them at least to get their comeuppance. This was not the case here.

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I simply found it unbelievable that Blaze' s own view spoiler [ sister conspires to murder her in a most gruesome way, in order to steal her husband, and, when the plot is found out and averted, she is then rewarded by having her crime covered up, forgiven, coddled and married off to a wealthy nobleman who falls in love with her at first sight. Jan 30, K. White rated it really liked it. More historical than romantic. Blaze and her numerous sisters all go through trials and tribulations in order to obtain matches that somehow suit them perfectly, but it is less romantic than it sounds.

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The part with Henry Tudor was quite fascinating, I must admit, having recently watched the Tudors on HBO myself I quite liked to element of historical re-imagining. Feb 24, Kat rated it it was amazing. I've read this book at least 5 times. The story of all that Blaze endured and overcame to find love was riveting.

One of the things I liked most was how discriptive Bertrice Small was about the costumes and the characters. I was able to imagine what every gown and character looked like. It truly brought them to life. I also liked the history she added to the story. Nov 03, Tracie Sampson rated it it was amazing. How did 50 Shades get so popular? If you want well written erotica, read Bertrice Small.

She never fails to deliver. May 18, Raven Hart rated it it was amazing. This book started my passion for all things Elizabethan, but also all things British. I now read a lot of nonfiction books about royals. May 18, Joanne rated it it was ok Shelves: View all 3 comments. There was a time when I was working through the Beatrice Small section of the Library This was one gem I came across!

Jun 04, TinaMarie rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.